Church History

Church FrontThe history of Pilgrim Congregational Church actually began in the town of San Jacinto on April 14, 1886. Twenty residents of that town met together in Logsdon’s Hall with the intention of forming a Congregational Church. On May 6, 1886 they gathered once again in Logsdon’s Hall and officially organized as The First Congregational Church of San Jacinto. In October of 1887, the use of the hall was no longer available and they then held services in Dominagoni Hall, which was above a saloon and the stairs were difficult to climb. Obviously, this was not a desirable situation, and a few months later they moved services to a vacant storeroom in the “Long block”. In fact, the first pulpit, which was used by a Rev. Drummond McCunn, consisted of dry goods boxes!

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      Just tell Lovina what Scrip you’d like to buy. Lovina is the one who runs the Audio Visual (AV) system every Sunday in the back of the sanctuary. She also sits in the corner closest to the door in the fellowship hall after church, where she takes Scrip orders.
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      Rev. Yolanda Moreno

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