For the month of October, our mission outreach will be to support Little Lake Elementary School

Our next door neighbor is Little Lake Elementary School. As our mission for October, we help the school out with “fun” items that can be put to good use in the classroom. A few of the items could be stickers, pencils, pens, plain and colored paper, rulers, hughliters, and well, you get the idea. When you go shopping remember to throw a few pf these items in your cart. You will hardly know the difference, and, if everyone does it, soon we will have a mountain of items that the teachers can use. We will strack them in front of the Chancel and enjoy watching what our generosity can do to give a hand to our next door neighbor. A monetary gift is always appreciated and also remember the “Box Tops for Education”. They are worth ten cents and it really adds up. Thank you for your generosity. The children are our future.

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